These Works of Art are Boots

FEIT x BDDW Is Where High-End Hiking Boots Meet High-End Furniture

By Geoff Rynex ·

If you've ever wondered what the love child of your favorite pair of hiking boots and your favorite armchair might look like, wonder no more. (Also, wow congrats, sounds like you've got a lot of time on your hands.)

Because the high-end boot makers at FEIT have tapped the high-end furniture makers at BDDW for their latest installment of neoluxury collaboration collections. And the result is something quite beautiful: 60 one-of-a-kind pairs of boots that have been dyed, painted or embossed by hand at BDDW's furniture workshop, before being sent back to FEIT for hand-lasting and stitching. 

And if you're still wondering what that might look like, here's a look at some of our favorites of the bunch: 

Geoff Rynex

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