Your Guide to the Ultimate Dinner Date

Upgrading Your Home Movie Nights With the Craziest Recipes and Tools

By Hadley Tomicki ·

Dinner and a movie. What used to mean a night on the town is more likely to resemble a night at home with a date, some Eggo sandwiches and a bicycle made out of whiskey barrels these days. All of which will be revealed in all their glory if you follow our Fall Dinner and a Movie playbook. Here are the coolest recipes and tools to pair with the movies and shows you'll be catching up to this fall.

The movie: Baby Driver, a colorful fast-paced heist flick with distinctive beats.
The recipe:
Chorizo chile relleno burgers, to keep up the intensity.
The tool:
 Sony's handsome, voice-activated wireless speaker, for arranging your own beats.

The movie: Churchill, a look at the British leader's agonized decision-making in the weeks before D-Day. 
The recipe: Miniature beef Wellingtons, for you and your Anglophiliac, biopic-prone compatriots.
The tool:
 Corkcicle's whiskey glass with a built-in shelf for resting your cigars. It's nice to know someone's out here inventing this kind of stuff. 

The movie: Okja, celebrated Korean director Bong Joon Ho's tale of a young girl tasked with defending her giant pet from a sinister plot.
The recipe:
The Beyond Burger and fish-free sushi using Ahimi tuna, both available at Whole Foods.
The tool:
Critically sharp and thoughtfully designed Misen knives forged from Japanese steel. You'll show no mercy when slicing your toppings.

The movie: Jerry Before Seinfeld, the comedian's new Netflix stand-up special tracing his formative years. What's the deal with one's formative years?
The recipe:
Black and white cookies, they taste better when you make them yourself.
The tool:
The DASH Rapid Cold Brew System, a soon-to-be-released device that makes cold brew in five minutes, so you'll never be decaffeinated.

The show: Ozark, wherein Jason Bateman flees to the deep south with his family to hide his ill-gotten gains.
The recipe:
Chicken-fried wagyu. Hey, why not?
The tool:
Old Limestone mixing water. That is, limestone-filtered Kentucky water specifically meant for mixing into your bourbon.

The show: Narcos, a gripping look back at the insane rise and fall of Colombia's biggest drug lords.
The recipe:
 Pork-and-avocado-stuffed arepas, to get you in the mood.
The tool:
Fender's new abalone-engraved Montecito ukulele, so you can finger-pick along to that awesome theme song.

The show: Master of None, Aziz Ansari's clever, poignant Netflix comedy about a rising actor with a thing for noodles.
The recipe:
Cacio e pepe, a simple preparation of Italian gustatory perfection.
The tool:
The Pasta Crate from Man Crates, with everything you'll need if you want to make the pasta by hand.

The show: The Deuce, HBO's now running drama on '70s sordidness in Times Square.
The recipe:
 The Half-Smoke, a spicy smoked sausage that's legendary in D.C. and slyly referenced in the first episode. It's health food.
The tool:
The Smoking Gun by Breville, so you can smoke your dogs, your drinks, whatever.

The show: Stranger Things: Season 2, the ongoing saga of moptop '80s misfits confronting the paranormal in their small town.
The recipe:
Eggo Waffle Monte Cristo sandwiches, which would blow Eleven's mind.
The tool:
Just a ridiculously nice Renvo bike made from old Glenmorangie whiskey staves.

Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.

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