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Six Surefire Ways to Get Beyond the Gym This Fall

Punk Rock Aerobics, an Inflatable 5K Obstacle Course and Other Intriguing Workouts

By Sam Eichner ·
Cotton, that versatile, natural fabric you already know and love, is dedicated to taking care of all comfort-related matters.

Durable, easy to care for and more breathable than oil-based synthetics like polyester, it also happens to be the superior choice when it comes to activewear. With cotton, you can rest assured you'll feel (and look) good regardless of the workout.

Even if you’re, say, aerial dancing.

Or practicing something called Punk Rock Aerobics.

Or doing any of these other not-normal exercises devised to get you beyond the gym this fall...
Surfset Fitness
What This Is: More or less a landlocked surfboard designed to simulate the physical demands of surfing without actually having to, 1) Be near an ocean, or 2) Know how to surf. You can either find a studio or buy your own. You could even, you know... bring it to the beach.
The Cotton You’re Wearing: Quiksilver Waterman Cabo Shorts

Aerial Dancing
What This Is: Essentially, you’re performing a series of dance moves while suspended by a hoop or wrapped up in fabric. So it’s sort of like Cirque du Soleil, minus the clowns. Presumably.
The Cotton You’re Wearing: Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Shorts

Tough Mudder
What This Is: A military-inspired obstacle course race, complete with electric shocks, climbing stuff and a whole lot of mud. Maybe this fall’s the season you finally corral some friends into doing it with you.
The Cotton You’re Wearing: American Giant Storm Full Zip Hoody (after the race, that is)

What This Is: A four-step process by which you 1) find a sturdy tree limb near a scenic vista; 2) tie your TRX bands to said limb; 3) begin working out in a series of body-weight suspension exercises; 4) become happier.
The Cotton You're Wearing: Champion Authentic Cotton Men's Shorts

Insane Inflatable 5K
What This Is: The name pretty much says it all here. It’s a 5K, but it features all manner of inflatable obstacles, from giant wrecking balls to 20-foot walls. Think of it as American Ninja Warrior for people who are not the slightest bit qualified for American Ninja Warrior.
The Cotton You’re Wearing: Adidas Stadium Pants

Punk Rock Aerobics
What This Is: A 60-minute workout set to classic punk songs that combines traditional punk dance moves with aerobic exercises. Dress accordingly. 
The Cotton You’re Wearing: Hanes X-Temp Black Performance Tank
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