The Best Summer You’ll Ever Have Lies Within

Take Our Hand If You Want To Live. Really Live.



You’ve been waiting for it all year.

But let’s face it.

This one is going to be unlike any summer you’ve ever summered through before.

But when the going gets weird, you’ll get creative, amplifying your energy to take on new challenges and embrace the latest life has to offer, all while looking good as you do it.

Which is why we’ve partnered with Monster Energy to plot out the coolest things you can find, do and observe to make the most of the sunny weeks ahead. Monster Energy’s innovative and trusted formulas can help give you the boost, productivity and focus required to keep up with all of the action.

Because if you’re not bumping your music out of tiki torches, sharing an inflatable private jet, or scaling a giant climbing wall by the side of someone’s pool, you might as well call this winter.

Come take a look at what we’ve got in store for you this season.

How about your own private jet? It’s not easy to get a private jet. No. In fact, you’ll probably need at least three minutes of focused exhaling to blow your Private Jet Float up. But from there, you’ll fly effortlessly around the body of the pool’s perimeter, with room for the person of your choosing and even a cup holder built into the side. Too bad they don’t make waterproof captain’s hats.

A vast improvement on the tiki torch. Yes, these Tiki Tunes speakers have the shape and appearance of the traditional tiki torch. Only with a better Bluetooth capability to play your music. And way less hot stuff coming out of the top.

An electrifying Arnold Palmer. It’s hot. You may or may not be in a yacht-shaped flotation device with its own cooler. Either way you need to rehydrate with an ice cold Monster Rehab, a mixture of energy iced tea and lemonade named for one of Vegas’s most infamous pool party venues. Apparently not everything stays in Vegas.

Better than a diving board. Is the AquaClimb, a poolside rock climbing wall, the coolest new way to work out outside? We think so. Is this the coolest way to work out anywhere? It might be. It just might be.

Shorts that look as good as you do. If we were ever judges in some type of shorts beauty pageant, we’d basically have to recuse ourselves due to our preference for these quick drying, 4-way stretch Banks short from Vuori. They’re not just ideally comfortable for swimming, running and working out, but are also made out of recycled bottles. Let’s hope we steer clear of that whole situation.

Add sunglass designer to your resume. It’s simple. Just go on to Ray-Bans’ Remix website and design your own shades, choosing from a massive selection of frames, materials, lenses, temples and engravings. They’ll send them to you once they’re made. And sure, we’re happy to be a reference for that sunglass designer job.

Get the picture. It’s 2020. Isn't it about time you had a 4K camera that hovers in the air and follows you and your friends around snapping pictures and video while rotating 360 degrees in the air on its own? It’s called Hover Camera Passport. And we think it may be smarter than us.

A beach ball no one can ignore. We can’t say exactly what you’ll be doing with Sol Coastal’s twelve-foot beach ball that is even bigger than you are. Whatever you need to, we’re guessing.

A cooler that knows how to keep a beat. It’s a Bluetooth speaker. It’s also a cooler with space for 16 cans of Monster. So it’s really a cool-ker. Or a speak-ler. Take your pick.

Probably the weirdest Tour de France ever. This summer the world’s most famous bike race is going virtual, with professional cyclists riding from home while their avatars react to their efforts in real time. You could even ride along if you have a stationary bike.

Discover your inner acrobat. Whether camping or hanging out on the patio, you can participate in one of the most popular exercise trends of late: slacklining. This set from Eno has everything you need to get started on balancing and training your core. And since a double-blind study supports that caffeine-based energy drinks can enhance athletic performance, you’ll probably want to drink another Monster Rehab before attempting your next trick.

Wow. What a summer. Boosted by Monster Energy, you’ll breeze into all this nonstop activity and surely make it one for the record books. No need to even thank us for the assist.

We just appreciate being able to stand in your glow.

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