The Upgraded Classics

The Dark and Stormy Gets Stormier, The Boulevardier Get’s Boulevardier-ier, and So On...


They’re great.

But they could be even better.

At least that’s what our friends at 1893 from the Makers of PEPSI-COLA® have been saying.

So we’ve been listening.

And drinking.

And coming up with new and improved cocktails spun from your favorite classics, thanks to the balanced, dynamic taste of the cocktail-friendly 1893.

And also, thanks to... the booze.

Always thank the booze.

The Drink: Dark And Stormy
The Usual: Rum, Ginger Beer, Twist of Lime.
The Upgrade: You’ll stick with the rum and lime, but instead of the same old ginger beer, you’ll substitute 1893 Ginger Cola. Which gives you the required storminess from the ginger with a little extra zing from 1893.

The Drink: Negroni
The Usual: Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth
The Upgrade: Instead of the Gin, use Signani63, a mysteriously delightful spirit from Bolivia that director Steven Soderbergh swears by. For a nice citrusy note, give it a splash of 1893 Citrus Cola. Then also put the Campari and vermouth in because then it will taste good. 

The Drink: Old Fashioned
The Usual: Bourbon, Sugar, Bitters and a Cherry.
The Upgrade: Trade in the boring old bourbon for a smoky mezcal. And since you’re commiting to this South of the Border twist, employ agave nectar instead of sugar as your sweetener. And as your cherry on top: 1893 Original Cola. 

The Drink: Moscow Mule
The Usual: Vodka, Ginger Beer, Lime
The Upgrade: Subsitute 1893 Ginger Cola into this one and you've got what we like to call the 1893 Ginger Mule around these parts. 

The Drink: Boulevardier
The Usual: Rye, Campari, Sweet Vermouth.
The Upgrade: Instead of the sweet vermouth acting as your drink-enlivener, you’ll use 1893 Black Currant Cola. It’s got the depth and sweetness to take the drink to another level. Plus: bubbles.

The Drink: Mint Julep
The Usual: Mint, Bourbon, Sugar, Crushed Ice.
The Upgrade: You’ll keep the mint and bourbon, naturally, but the sweetness will now be provided by 1893 Ginger Cola. That’s right, ginger. We've come full circle here.
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