This city never has witnessed the excitement stirred by these youngsters from Liverpool who call themselves The Weekend.


UD - It Was 50 Years Ago Today...

It Was 50 Years Ago Today...

Two things: one, Lincoln Center’s got an exhibit of old Beatles tickets and concert posters going on right now. Two, Morrison Hotel Gallery’s showing a bunch of rare photos of the Beatles’ first trip to America, which happened a half century ago. Just leave the Beatle wig at home.

UD - Shipley & Halmos Do a Pop-Up Shop

Shipley & Halmos Do a Pop-Up Shop

You know those quintessential Canal Street stores with all the pegboard and the knockoffs. Well, Shipley & Halmos has made their own, with shot glasses, exclusive T-shirts, one-of-a-kind Vans, all their spring handsomeness and so on. If you see something labeled Shupley and Almos, you’re in the wrong stall.

UD - In Case You Need a New Coat

In Case You Need a New Coat

You can now go to Kinfolk for all your Baldwin jean, Wings + Horns sweater and Sierra Designs jacket needs (which are shockingly many) at their new menswear shop. Because having a coffee shop, a bike manufacturer and an impeccable Scandinavian restaurant under one roof wasn’t enough already.


Now open, the menswear shop at Kinfolk Studios, 94 Wythe Ave (near 11th), Brooklyn


UD - Brunch atop the Standard

Brunch atop the Standard

Quick, name the number one place you don’t want to be right now...


That’s right, street level (with apologies to our slush-fetishist readers). Thus, you’ll ascend to the crisp air of the Top of the Standard for brunch. Foie-gras-and-truffle-relish burgers and gin-snap-pea cocktails await. And rooftops cure everything.


UD - Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner... Naked?

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner... Naked?

On the one hand, fish tacos. But on the other hand: tasteful nudity. It’s so hard these days to choose between the two. So don’t. Make reservations for the nude-figure-drawing dinner at Fatta Cuckoo. How this didn’t exist before, we’ll never understand.


Feb 10, 8pm, $55, Dinner and a Nudie at Fatta Cuckoo, 63 Clinton St (between Rivington and Stanton), reserve at 212-353-0570

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