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This city never has witnessed the excitement stirred by these youngsters from Liverpool who call themselves The Weekend.


Sex. Paint. Champagne. You’re Welcome.

Here’s everything you need for Valentine’s Day: 1) A secret, sexy suite in SoHo filled with a giant canvas, paint and post-art champagne; 2) a bouquet of roses grown on a South American volcano; and 3) a bottomless brunch with seven kinds of sangria. Oh, and maybe get a card or something...
UD - It Was 50 Years Ago Today...


It Was 50 Years Ago Today...

Two things: one, Lincoln Center’s got an exhibit of old Beatles tickets and concert posters going on right now. Two, Morrison Hotel Gallery’s showing a bunch of rare photos of the Beatles’ first trip to America, which happened a half century ago. Just leave the Beatle wig at home.
Through May 10, Ladies and Gentlemen... The Beatles! at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, 40 Lincoln Center Plz, 917-275-6975; Feb 7-28, Morrison Hotel Gallery, 116 Prince St, 2nd Fl, 212-941-8770


Shipley & Halmos Do a Pop-Up Shop

You know those quintessential Canal Street stores with all the pegboard and the knockoffs. Well, Shipley & Halmos has made their own, with shot glasses, exclusive T-shirts, one-of-a-kind Vans, all their spring handsomeness and so on. If you see something labeled Shupley and Almos, you’re in the wrong stall.
Through Feb 23, Shipley & Halmos pop-up, 385 Canal St (between W Broadway and Thompson), see the slideshow
UD - In Case You Need a New Coat


In Case You Need a New Coat

You can now go to Kinfolk for all your Baldwin jean, Wings + Horns sweater and Sierra Designs jacket needs (which are shockingly many) at their new menswear shop. Because having a coffee shop, a bike manufacturer and an impeccable Scandinavian restaurant under one roof wasn’t enough already.
Now open, the menswear shop at Kinfolk Studios, 94 Wythe Ave (near 11th), Brooklyn
UD - Brunch atop the Standard


Brunch atop the Standard

Quick, name the number one place you don’t want to be right now...


That’s right, street level (with apologies to our slush-fetishist readers). Thus, you’ll ascend to the crisp air of the Top of the Standard for brunch. Foie-gras-and-truffle-relish burgers and gin-snap-pea cocktails await. And rooftops cure everything.
Sundays, noon-5pm, The Top of the Standard, 848 Washington St (at 13th), 212-645-7600, see the menu
UD - Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner... Naked?


Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner... Naked?

On the one hand, fish tacos. But on the other hand: tasteful nudity. It’s so hard these days to choose between the two. So don’t. Make reservations for the nude-figure-drawing dinner at Fatta Cuckoo. How this didn’t exist before, we’ll never understand.
Feb 10, 8pm, $55, Dinner and a Nudie at Fatta Cuckoo, 63 Clinton St (between Rivington and Stanton), reserve at 212-353-0570
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