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The weekend scoffs at the notion that The Godfather isn’t a holiday film.


UD - Seafood Power Lunching in Midtown

Seafood Power Lunching in Midtown

You learned a long time ago that power lunching is best done at a place that’ll stuff one crustacean with another. Hence this place, where crab-stuffed Maine lobster is a possibility, along with bone-in rib eye and Sterling caviar. Intimidation begins with tiny spoons and toast points.


Now open, The Sea Fire Grill, 158 E 48th St (between 3rd and Lexington), 212-935-3785

UD - A Little Karaoke with Your Korean BBQ

A Little Karaoke with Your Korean BBQ

If there were a room that reflected your karaoke style, it’d be a purple-lit, gold-tufted-leather-boothed lounge (you have the Prince catalog on lockdown). And that’s what you’ll find on the second level of Kristalbelli. Also: Korean small plates and soju. “Purple Rain” doesn’t just happen.


Opens Nov 23, Juga at Kristalbelli, 8 W 36th St (between 5th and 6th), 212-290-2211


UD - The Spirit of Giving at Brooklyn Flea

The Spirit of Giving at Brooklyn Flea

They say it’s better to give than to receive. Jury’s still out on that one as far as you’re concerned, but still: giving’s great. And Brooklyn Flea’s got a market from the Blue Hill guys, Danny Macaroons and the kind of lovingly carved wooden cheese dishes that just scream “Mom.”

UD - Mexican from the Lure Guys for Brunch

Mexican from the Lure Guys for Brunch

If fried-egg-topped nachos, slow-roasted goat tacos and walls of tequila sounds like a brunch you can get behind, congratulations, you’re a human being. Also: you should carve out some weekend time at this Mexican spot from the Lure Fishbar and Burger & Barrel guys. We’ll wait while you carve.


Sat-Sun starting Nov 24, 11:30am-3pm, El Toro Blanco, 257 6th Ave (between Houston and Bleecker), 212-645-0193


UD - Sunday Cards and Drinking on the LES

Sunday Cards and Drinking on the LES

The Leadbelly. Already it’s your favorite Moonrise Kingdom–like home for cocktails and oysters on the LES. And that was before they started this new institution of oysters, live music and card games. The oysters are a buck, so feel free to use them as currency.


Sundays starting Nov 25, The Leadbelly, 14B Orchard St (near Canal), 646-596-9142

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