The weekend heals all wounds.


UD - Driving History’s Greatest Supercars

Driving History’s Greatest Supercars

We’re handing you the keys to a Lamborghini, and a Ferrari, and more—all because Classic Car Club thinks you should be a member for the day. (You know what to do.) Also: enjoy a three-course dinner for 50 bucks at Prandial, and take a private cruise around Manhattan with 11 friends. Wine included, naturally...

UD - Sex Was Had on This Art

Sex Was Had on This Art

Jackson Pollock experimented with just dripping paint onto canvas. Rothko explored the stark depths of color. This guy... did something else. It involves a large canvas, some amorous couples, paint and probably some Al Green. And now the results are on display here... Bow chicka bow wow.

UD - A Manse of Impeccable Jacketry

A Manse of Impeccable Jacketry

You’ve been known to wear a jacket on occasion. Sometimes even multiple days in a row. So you’d best get to know Belstaff’s new UES flagship. Brando-worthy motorcycle jackets, shearlings fit for a god and the original waxed-cotton road jacket. Plus, some bags and shirts, if you wear those, too.


Now open, Belstaff, 814 Madison Ave (at 68th), 212-897-1880


UD - Before Jay-Z, Go Here

Before Jay-Z, Go Here

Jay-Z’s in town. Kind of a big thing. Opening up some sort of Brooklyn sporting venue. Anyway, we thought you’d want to eat while you’re out there. And oysters, dry-aged duck and veal cheek are totally things you can eat. And this place has those. See how that worked out.


Opens Sep 28, Prospect, 773 Fulton St (between Portland and Oxford), Brooklyn, 718-596-6826


UD - Competitive Oystering at Grand Central

Competitive Oystering at Grand Central

Oysters: they’re about winning. Which’ll make a lot more sense when you watch grown men compete in shucking and slurping contests for your amusement at this festival of bivalves. As for you: you’ll be learning the art of the tequila-oyster shooter and fortifying with Naked Cowboys. Which are oysters...

UD - Party Brunching in the East Village

Party Brunching in the East Village

Nothing says sultry-brunch-of-your-life like spiced maple syrup. But just in case that’s totally untrue, Black Market has thrown in a weekly DJ set augmented by oysters, deviled eggs, cocktails and the voluptuous sounds of soul and R&B, too. But the spiced maple syrup’ll probably do it.


Sat-Sun, noon-4pm, Black Market, 110 Ave A (near 7th), 212-614-9798

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