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Good Times...
The Most Dubious Moments of 2012

A lot of great things happened in 2012: the Giants won the World Series. That guy skydived from space. The Mayans were wrong. A lot of less great things happened, too. Today, we remember those...


The TSA Determines Size Matters

Where do we start here. Oh, yeah, with a guy claiming he has one of the largest, uh, manly parts ever recorded. And with the TSA at SFO frisking him because they thought he was smuggling something in his pants. Somewhere, Derek Smalls is nodding knowingly.


World’s Biggest Lollipop Unveiled

To honor the hallowed/fake holiday known as National Lollipop Day, local confectionary company See’s Candies unveiled its 7,003-pound, 16'7'' chocolate lollipop in Justin Herman Plaza. Two days before that, they officially broke the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest lollipop. (Take that, airport guy.)


An Olympian Overboard in the Bay

Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson can sprint the hell out of 200 meters. Staying on a boat, however, proves to be more challenging. At the America’s Cup World Series fleet racing finale, the famed sprinter was tossed out of Oracle Team USA Coutts’s boat and into 50-degree water. Not quite a leisurely dip...


Zagat Misspells San Francisco

Typos happen. Unfortunately for Zagat, theirs was major. Even more unfortunate, it wasn’t caught until the books already hit the shelves. That’s right, the first release of the 2013 Bay Area guide in the Zagat-Google era spelled “San Francisco” wrong. Go ahead and Google “San Francsico.”


World Series Victory. Mayhem Ensues.

The Series was inspiring and stirring. As in, it inspired chaos and stirred up trouble. One of the knuckleheads, as Mayor Lee called them, got thrown in the clink after taking his excitement out on a Muni bus. Not great, but we’re still rooting for another Series win.

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