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Published December 03, 2012

Seoul Patrol
Korean Street Food Across from Zynga

And now, today’s market report...

Stock in Zynga: seen better days.

Stock in Zynga HQ’s neighborhood: looking up.

Stock in ramen futures: a strong, strong buy.

The reason: Gung Ho, a handsome new Korean spot from the guys behind those tasty Seoul Patch pop-ups, now open for lunch in SoMa.

So, Seoul Patch. You might’ve encountered their ramyeon (Korean ramen) at the likes of Dear Mom. This is basically a permanent version of that. A lofty spot, with low white sofas, a communal table and, most importantly, a bar. (Oh, and a counter that looks right into Zynga’s HQ, if you’re into the whole corporate espionage thing.)

If you only want to stay a short while, peruse the day’s available dishes (they’re showcased in a glass display case). We’re thinking you’ll want the Korean fried-chicken sandwich, mostly because it’s made with double-fried chicken.

If you want to stay a longer while, opt for a bowl of bibimbap (Korea’s signature rice/meat/sunny-side-up-egg dish) and a large bottle of Hite beer. There’s also a small but expanding selection of soju and sake that’ll come in especially handy once happy hour and dinner start tomorrow night.

For when you want to stay a really long while.
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