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Published June 17, 2011

Boxing Day
Boxing Room, by the Numbers

Frenzy. Pandemonium. Mardi Gras. Beignets. Fried alligator. You’ve heard the buzz on the newly opened New Orleans–themed beer den, Boxing Room, steadily building for months. But you don’t need buzz. You need cold hard facts. Especially regarding that alligator. Here, our report on everything you need to know about Boxing Room, by the numbers.

Number of staff (other than the chef) who lived in the Big Easy: 6
Pounds of alligator on hand for Deep-Fried Alligator on opening day: 20
Pounds remaining at closing: 0
Seconds the alligator spends in the deep fryer: 240
The century the building was built: 19th
Number of beads in the dining room: 0
Probability that beads will adorn the dining room at Mardi Gras 2012: 100%
Frequency “fried” appears on the dinner menu: 4
Number of hush puppies per basket: 5
Number of beignets served with a café-au-lait-like espresso cream: 3
Nights per week open: 7
Closing time nightly: 2am
Cocktails: 0
Beers on tap: 20
Beers by the bottle: 17
Number from Louisiana: 5
Faux alligator stools at the zinc bar: 16 (12 at the raw bar)
Booths abutting the original 1800s Douglas fir wall: 5
Approximate number of days until brunch and lunch start: 30
Hours they’ll be open daily once that happens: 14.5 (11:30am-2am)
Next open 7pm reservation for two: Thursday, June 23
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