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Published July 19, 2013

Weekend at Gurney’s
Oysters and Dancing in the Hamptons

Beach Club at Gurney’s InnDon’t take this personally.

But we don’t want you here this weekend.

Get on out. Make any excuse. Fabricate a family member in labor. Get your death-faking consultant on the horn.

And then head immediately here...

The Beach Club at Gurney’s Inn, an oceanside expanse of dancing, spa-ing and obscenely fresh seafood-ing, now open in Montauk.

If you could put the entire concept of the Hamptons in one spot, this would be it. Your options are threefold: letting the ocean do its thing while you do nothing; carousing with DJs from the continent; or consuming oysters and whole grilled fish caught on a rod-and-reel nearby. (Hook-to-table, let’s call it.)

In the lounge area, you’re working with a South of France vibe—whitewashed deck chairs and bottles of rosé (hey, that’s okay here) with the occasional oceanside massage. (Warning: this may lead to you achieving total consciousness. Which is nice.)

The parties: several weekly soirees with electro DJs fresh from Europe. And this is the same place that occasionally has a guy parachuting your champagne in, where it’s then marched to you in a parade.

So yeah, they’re solid on the party thing.
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