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Five Easy Pieces The Bacon, Egg and Cheese, Five Ways

The bacon, egg and cheese. If there were a lifetime sandwich achievement award, it’d win. Every year. But now, it’s evolved beyond the sandwich into new magical forms. And these are those forms. Enjoy...

UD - The Pretzel Bomb at the General

The Pretzel Bomb at the General

The what: It’s a puffed-up sphere of pretzel with your favorite three breakfast ingredients baked right in. You might want to get a few of these.
The when: The 6am, post-dancing-at-Finale, pre-bedtime snack. Your schedule’s what makes you unique.


The General, 199 Bowery (at Spring), 212-271-7101

UD - Bloody Mary Bacon Fries at Hudson

Bloody Mary Bacon Fries at Hudson

The what: It’s a cardboard boat of thrice-cooked duck-fat fries—loaded with cheese curds, pickled okra, thick chunks of bacon, jalapeño and... oh, right, the fried egg.
The when: 1:30am, between the last and second-to-last beers of the night. Maximum soak-up effect: achieved.

UD - The Dutch Pancake at Potlikker

The Dutch Pancake at Potlikker

The what: It’s a fat, crispy pancake that’s about a foot wide and topped with cheddar, bacon and an over-easy egg.
The when: A Saturday morning leisurely sit-down. Because pancakes need to be finessed.


Potlikker, 338 Bedford Ave (between S 2nd and S 3rd), Brooklyn, 718-388-9808

UD - Bacon-and-Egg Mazeman at Yuji Ramen

Bacon-and-Egg Mazeman at Yuji Ramen

The what: It’s a brothless ramen dish with crumbled bacon. Oh, and there’s a poached egg bleeding yolk onto the whole beautiful mess. Small deduction for lacking cheese. Points awarded for takeout ability.
The when: When your hangover persists into lunchtime.

UD - The Pot Pie at Pie Face

The Pot Pie at Pie Face

The what: It’s a flaky-crusted breakfast B, E & C pie with an added dash of tomato and cream.
The when: The morning after. Procure a dozen. Bring ’em to work. Be a hero.


Pie Face, multiple locations, 212-247-9065

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