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The Hot List The Sexiest Tables in Town

Well, that was quick. As of today, there’s precisely one month until that greeting-card holiday known as Saint Valentine’s. Which means reservation lines are now open. Which means you need to know the tables with the most hot-tubbing, champagne-drinking, total-privacy-having potential. And here they are...

UD - The Piano Table, The Leadbelly

The Piano Table, The Leadbelly

You Require: A casual, “let’s see what happens” V-Day spot.
You’ll Receive: A piano instead of a table. Go ahead, play it. Even better: play it after splitting a bottle of Jacquesson and a plate of Moon Shoal oysters.
The Cherry: The oysters + you-playing-music combo is almost unfair.

UD - The Salon #2, SakaMai

The Salon #2, SakaMai

You Require: A place to curl up and get comfortable.
You’ll Receive: An old wing chair and rocking chair perched fireside. Which coincidentally is just the situation in which flights of sake open up best.
The Cherry: A one-night-only cocktail and a mystery V-Day menu. Mystery’s kind of your thing.


SakaMai, 157 Ludlow St (at Stanton), 646-590-0684

UD - Table #44, Conôsur

Table #44, Conôsur

You Require: A starlit rooftop.
You’ll Receive: Furry chairs, fondue (the official cheese dish of sharing) and South American rib eye—all a stone’s throw away from an absurdly large hot tub.
The Cherry: Poolside champagne bottle service. Good thing that Speedo fits nicely under your suit.


Conôsur at Hôtel Americano, 518 W 27th St (between 10th and 11th), 212-525-0000

UD - Table #706, Cherry

Table #706, Cherry

You Require: A secluded velvet wonderland.
You’ll Receive: A two-topped nook of tufted red softness with a lobster thermidor twist. It’s also draping-sexy-velvet-curtain adjacent.
The Cherry: The ability to summon your own private Japanese-whiskey stash with the snap of a finger. Or maybe stick to a polite request.

UD - The Cupola, The NoMad Rooftop

The Cupola, The NoMad Rooftop

You Require: A literal pleasure dome.
You’ll Receive: A copper-topped private space with Empire State Building views. They’ll help you plan a menu, and you’ll have an entire architectural structure to yourself.
The Cherry: The hotel can probably scare up a “Do Not Disturb” sign for you.

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