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Chutes and Platters

Sandwiches Delivered by Parachute, at Long Last

Today and tomorrow, it’s going to rain water.

But in a few weeks, it’s going to rain grilled cheese.

We’ll explain...

Beware of falling Jafflechutes, a delightfully whimsical thing wherein lunchtime jaffles are delivered to you by tiny parachute. They’ll be arriving for a monthlong aerial assault sometime in mid-May.

Naturally, news of such sandwich-based significance is best approached via FAQ.

Parachutes. Little, jaffle-bearing parachutes.

Wait. What the heck is a jaffle?
It’s a grilled cheese sandwich, but with the edges sealed together by a press. They may toss in a few other things here and there. But basically, expect floating grilled cheese pockets.

Why is this happening?
The folks behind all this tried it in Melbourne for months. It was a rousing success. So they crowdsourced their way to New York to set up shop for a month.

How do I get my jaffle?
Visit their site. Choose your sandwich. Pay via PayPal (about the cost of a grilled cheese plus a buck for the parachute). They’ll give you a location and a time. You’ll go to that location and stand on the actual X on the ground. You’ll look up. You’ll see the sun briefly blotted out as a foil-wrapped mass gracefully floats into your hands. You’ll marvel at what Australia hath wrought.

How are they made? Where?
You’re getting a little pushy with the questions here.

How do they taste?
Look, they’re falling from the sky, what more do you want.

Okay, okay. Last one: what do you mean, sometime in mid-May?
Due to weather patterns and the fact that parachutes are slave to said patterns, they can’t commit to a specific day just yet. Just follow them on Twitter.

Also, everyone knows mid-May is prime jaffle season.


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