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Published May 13, 2013

Sure Bet
An Atera and Aska Superstar Goes to Midtown

Towering cubbies of booze. Eleven Madison Park vets. Intricately carved wooden ceilings. Asparagus pappardelle. Guys making their own sweet almond syrup. Seas of golden velvet.

What are: things you say yes to...

And also: things you’ll find at Betony, two levels of elaborate brick-and-wood seasonal Midtown dining resplendence from an Atera and Aska visionary. It’s opening tonight, and here’s your attack plan...

Say something like “Man, what a day,” and ease into the bar area.
It’s just past the entrance. And marked by the long black bar on the left (fancy that) and the gold tufted-velvet banquette on the right. The full menu’s available here—lobster with peas and Easter egg radish, fried pickles with ramps. As are... alcoholic beverages. Like the rye, oily sugar and orange bitters sensation known as the Orange Julep or whatever Brooklyn Brewmaster’s Reserve pint they’ve got on tap.

Conduct serious business. Or get seriously distracted from it.
Beyond the mythologically inclined wood-carved ceilings of the bar is the main dining room. The detail here is, well, “abundant” would be a word that comes to mind. Ceiling tiles rearranged from etched engineering sketches. Even more elaborate wood carvings. Double-shaded sconces. Deals will be made. Eyes will wander.

Investigate the mezzanine and find a getting-to-know-you nook.
It’s full of them. Third-date tables of the highest order. Secure some shellfish ragout, some foie gras, and let the inevitable occur.

Those mezzanines are like date catnip.
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