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Published July 23, 2012

Cheese Factor
This Whole Place Is About Cheese

Murray’s Cheese BarLet’s play a game.

Think of a number from one through 10.


Okay, you’re thinking... about cheese. Again.

We get it. Really, we do:

Rejoice at tidings of Murray’s Cheese Bar, a house of worship dedicated to the versatile, incomparable food that is cheese, opening Wednesday.

Murray’s Cheese has been your go-to fromagerie for eons. Even scores you some forbidden Spanish ham once in a while. Well, now they’re doing the restaurant thing just a couple doors down. And they’re sticking with what they know (starts with a C, ends with “heese”). Charcuterie boards, mac n’s, deep frieds, curds and, of course, s’mores—all with or prominently featuring your favorite dairy item. Just imagine that scene in Forrest Gump where Bubba names all the shrimp dishes, but the cheese version.

You’ll arrive to see a series of very red seats along a white marble bar on the left and marble two-tops on the right. Charming enough. But let’s face it: you’d sit on a one-legged stool with itchy upholstery for this. There’s wine (the official drink of cheese) and beer, so order some of that. Then order the open-faced rarebit burger topped with beer-and-cheese melt.

If only your buddy Chuck E. could see this.
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