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Published November 26, 2010

Cave Diving
The Strip’s New Wine Cave

UD - La CaveVegas and wine.

They’ve had their disagreements over the years, but there was always a certain passion between them.

They just needed some place where they could work things out.

Perhaps a cave of some kind...

Introducing La Cave, a dimly lit wine cavern conveniently tucked into the heart of the Strip, opening December 3.

This is how Vegas does a wine bar: all dimly lit corners, hand-cut crudo and hammered gold. You’ll start by escaping down an escalator into the Wynn’s pool-level restaurant nook, then follow the maître d’ through the slope-ceilinged front bar, under the neon “In Vino Veritas” sign and a few dozen karats of that gold, to the door of an ornate caged wall that cordons off the back room. It’s where they keep the Very Important Wines...

There, you’ll find the cave of vino-related pleasures you came for—250 varieties, at last count. Now you can get down to the business of drinking Spanish wine, nibbling farmhouse cheeses and sampling the Bacon-Wrapped Dates and Ham, Egg and Cheese Flatbread. (It’s a very serious business.) And if you feel the urge to explore the patio, you’ll have three pools at your disposal.

Depending on how much wine you’ve had.
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