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Published December 21, 2012

IV League
A Spa That Cures Hangovers

ReviveToday, the world will not end.

Tonight, you will party like it will.

Tomorrow, you may very well wish it had.

And if you do, just know this place exists: Revive, an emergency room for hangovers, now open in River North. Yes, you heard us.

On the surface, everything seems as tranquil as a spa waiting room in here. Lots of grays and aquas. White leather chaise lounges. Coconut water at the ready. You could be waiting for your shiatsu appointment. Except for those poles holding intravenous drips. We’ll get to those in a second.

First, notice that broad-shouldered, brick-jawed figure in the doctor’s coat and scrubs. His name: Dr. Jack Dybis, a real-live practicing surgeon who oversees this operation and its registered nurses and doctors. You may call him Dr. Jack Dybis.

After taking a brief survey of your symptoms and medical history, you’ll be escorted to your lounge chair. A nurse will hook up your arm to an IV drip filled with the same fluid used in an operating room. They can also add medicine for nausea and headaches, or just a few vitamins. An hour later, you’re on your way.

Of course, if you wanted to rehydrate during the flu—or just to enhance your skin’s natural glow—you could swing by here, too.

But no, Obamacare still won’t pay for it.
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