Things to do for December 13, 2012

The Weekender

Mimosa Flights, Christmas Sherry and Bacon

The weekend is so excited, it’s so excited, it’s so... scared.

UD - Sherry Season at 15 Romolo

Sherry Season at 15 Romolo

Sherry. Great name, even better drink. Well, the guys at 15 Romolo devised a Christmas menu with bottles of their favorite sherries and 14 sherry drinks, including the Santa’s Suckerpunch. We’re guessing it doesn’t involve milk and cookies.

UD - Bags. Jeans. Beer. Wine. Proceed.

Bags. Jeans. Beer. Wine. Proceed.

Friday night, there’ll be two different shopping-related soirees. First, stop by FiDi’s Mulholland for wine and 20% off leather goods. Then head to Self Edge on Valencia for beer and a rare 12% off denim, shirts and more leather goods. Black Friday wishes it were this fun.

Dec 14, Mulholland, 653 Market St, 415-852-1372; Dec 14-16, Self Edge, 714 Valencia St, 415-558-0658

UD - Another Sale. More Beer. No Complaints.

Another Sale. More Beer. No Complaints.

You’re going to have to roll up your sleeves for this one. But the reward is a deal on nearly everything the guys at Taylor Stitch amassed over time: khakis, shirts, ties and Rancourt shoe samples, plus gear from Farm Tactics. Oh, and tap beer from Pac Brew Lab. Maybe we should’ve mentioned that first.

Dec 15, 11am-5pm, Taylor Stitch, 334 S Van Ness Ave (between 15th and 16th), 415-322-8773

UD - Mimosa Brunching at Nectar

Mimosa Brunching at Nectar

Brunch is always a delicate balance of recovery and revelry. Take the new offering from Thrive Juicery and Nectar wine bar. There, you’ll try, say, a colorful flight of apple-cucumber, strawberry-pineapple and/or orange-beet mimosas with frittatas and flatbreads. Actually, that might just be revelry.

Sat-Sun, 11am-3pm, Nectar Wine Lounge, 3330 Steiner St (between Lombard and Chestnut), 415-345-1377

UD - Dining to Save the Bacon Bacon Truck

Dining to Save the Bacon Bacon Truck

If you didn’t get an all-points bulletin about the Bacon Bacon truck’s tragic engine fire, well... it happened. And now we’re all hands on deck to get it running again. Hence this dinner: graze on braised pork belly and risotto (made with bacon, scallops and clams), and soon the world will be right again.

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