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The Rejection List
The Things We Left Behind in 2012

A lot of things cross our path. Some are brilliant in that “I wish I thought of that” sort of way. You see those. Others... well, let’s just say you don’t see those. Until now.

UD - Facebook "Like" Oven Mitt

Facebook “Like” Oven Mitt

Hey, maybe you’ve clicked on a few Facebook “Like” buttons over the years. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, you’ve probably never thought: I could really use an oven mitt that looks like a Facebook thumbs-up “Like” button. And yet, here we are.
UD - Pizza Shirt

Pizza Shirt

It’s no question that people take their pizza very seriously here. But just because you like something doesn’t mean you have to wear it. Case in point, the Pizza Shirt. It comes in pepperoni and veggie supreme. You probably shouldn’t be caught dead in either.
UD - Sushi Cologne

Sushi Cologne

Sandalwood, vanilla, grapefruit—all fine ingredients for cologne. Sushi—not on the list. For a reason. But that didn’t stop someone from making sushi cologne. Because nothing says seduction like smelling of raw fish.
UD - Vinderpants


To believe that for centuries, we’ve had the audacity to actually place nude wine bottles on our dinner table night after night. Gross. Consider that crisis averted now that there’s underwear for your wine bottle. Now, to do something about Donald Duck...
UD - Wood Tie

Wood Tie

Some might think silk ties are simply too soft and smooth. For them, allow us to suggest these reclaimed-wood ties. They’re made of redwood sourced from old barns and bridges all over NorCal. Fair warning: splinters come with the territory.
Wood Tie
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