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Published June 17, 2014

Demand and Supply
All-American Goods in an Oakland Warehouse

You go into the annex of the historic American Bag Co. warehouse.

You note the 20-foot ceilings and the big windows and all the beautiful leathery things around you.

You’re in Oakland Supply Co., a bastion of USA-made goods from some of the country’s finest artisans, now open Wednesday through Sunday in Jack London.

And then you pull up your shopping list on your phone:

—A leather growler cover and holder with bike mount

—Beer soap for campground

—Porcelain whiskey decanter for... whiskey

—An iPad case made out of retired firefighting gear

—Leather Head Sports baseball mitt from New Jersey

—Pendleton blanket for road trip

—A hardcore hammer by Hardcore Hammers

—Necklace for a certain someone

—Leash that looks like a sailboat rope for a certain other someone


And then you get all but one of those things here...
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