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Published August 04, 2014

Suarte Hearty
Handmade Custom Shoes by Way of Korea

So the five things to know about Suarte are—

Oh, man. Sorry, we got a little excited about this.

Meet Suarte, a new Midtown East home for the finest shoes to ever come out of South Korea, open now.

Now, the five things to know about Suarte are...

1. It’s the first US outpost of a Korean brand that made its international debut about three years ago.

2. Everything is custom. And handmade. So while yes, the shop is full of shoes (see it here), those are really just for inspiration.

3. Speaking of inspiration: you can get a shoe made of eel skin. Or better yet, a lace-up boot. With a Vibram sole. But we’re just spitballing here.

4. Once you’re fitted and have made all your choices, you’ll have two to four weeks of waiting patiently (or impatiently, your call), then your shoes arrive.

5. Soon, they’ll launch a suiting operation here, too.

... Eel skin trousers, anyone?
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