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Published May 09, 2014

Here Comes the ’Son
Bag Nirvana. That’s What This Is.

It’s entirely possible you’ll be getting out of town a little bit this summer.

We know, we know, that might be crazy talk.

But just in case we’re onto something, there’s somewhere you need to go before you pack...

It’s Filson, the first East Coast location of a legendary Pacific Northwest outdoors-and-luggage enterprise, now open on Great Jones.

These guys have been operating out of Seattle since 1897, all to ensure that you’re hunting, prospecting and airport-security-navigating as stylishly as possible.

Their pursuits break down into two categories. Bags—heavy-duty canvas-and-bridle-leather duffels, sportsman totes, rollers. And clothes—waxed-canvas jackets and shirts that pair best with a beard (or a bear, or a beer).

Here, you’ll find these things perfectly placed amongst a shuffleboard table and a back wall that doubles as a jungle. In particular:

Vintage bags. They’re all over the place, and these bad boys age like wine.

Camera bags from their collaboration with Magnum Photos. This is the only place on God’s green that’s got ’em right now.

The leather-wrapped flasks.

The leather totes on the right wall near the back. Easily the most covetable things you’ll see today.

And that’s bearing in mind that it’s sundress season.
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Photo: Oleg March