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Of Corso

One-of-a-Kind Dapperness in Cobble Hill

Feel it.

It’s... sort of, kind of... if you squint hard enough... warm out.

Invites to places that end in “-hampton” and “Island” and... “-tauk” are rolling in.

Spring, dare we say, is springing.

Your first move: vigorous expressions of joy. Your second move: head here.

To WP Store, a big white corner of being the best-dressed person in the room, now open in Cobble Hill from the Italian nattiness purveyors of WP Lavori in Corso.

It’s the old Smith + Butler space, and it looks... pretty much the same, only full of stuff you can’t find elsewhere in town. You’ll stock up on linen button-downs from Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Shawl-collar, chambray Hawaiian-print shirts from Engineered Garments. Not that we have a specific one in mind.

And because water exists, and you’ll want to spend time around and possibly in it, Woolrich’s map-print swim trunks might make sense, too. The pattern includes an image of Woolrich’s private vacation island.

You know you’ve made it when your home is printed on pants.
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