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Published October 28, 2013

A Harry’s Situation
Just a Damn Fine Barbershop

Firstly, good Monday.

Secondly, you’re due for a haircut.

Thirdly, there’s a new tool in the fight to get that haircut...

It’s Harry’s Corner Shop, a two-seat barbershop from (yep) the Harry’s razor people, opening tomorrow in SoHo.

So, Harry’s. That’s the online razor outfit from a Warby Parker cofounder. Handsome stuff. Great at removing whiskers from your face.

Anyway, this is their first barbershop. It’s a little bit old-school: barber chairs from the ’20s, a real-deal razor strop (that leather band they polish the blade on), that sort of thing.

But it’s also a little bit new-school. For one, they do online appointments. (Like it’s the 21st century or something.) And after your hairs are cut, they also take pictures, which they then store in an iPad for future reference. (And not, we assume, for sending on to the NSA.)

But maybe you just got a haircut. Or have an unbreakable bond with your barber. This place is still handy. Because they’ve got:

—Sleepy Jones pajamas (from the fellow behind Jack Spade).

—Leather card cases from MAKR and London Undercover umbrellas.

—A treasury of oils, creams and waxes from Harry’s, Baxter of California and Proraso.

—A German carbon pocketknife from Messer Solingen.

No, that’s not what they use for your face.
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