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Published June 17, 2014

Mad House
The NoMad’s New Cocktailing Wonderland

Today, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with a few key concepts:

The NoMad. Okay, you know that one.

Cocktails. Yep, sounds vaguely familiar.

More. A concept you’ve long enjoyed.

Great. And now, let’s mash all that up...

And swing into The NoMad Bar, the staggeringly beautiful new cocktail manse at the NoMad Hotel. It’s open now.

Join us in an educational journey about it, if you dare...

It has its own door on 28th Street.
But you can just enter through that doorway right before the Library Bar entrance.

It’s an extension of the NoMad restaurant and Library.
There’s dark woods and sexy green leather booths. There’s a balcony wrapping the main floor. And in things you won’t need today: a fireplace.

There’s a mysterious cage/bookshelf in the back-right corner.
That’s where you’ll find some rare and vintage liquors, which they’re deploying in some of the cocktails. Like the $198 Vieux Carré, made with 50-year Grande Champagne cognac. (Not bad, given champagne cognac inflation rates.)

Or in the real world...
You’ve got a brand-new group of classics and housemade concoctions to work through. Plus, punch bowls.

The NoMad proper’s famous two-person chicken: it’s a pot pie now.
And if you’re wondering whether they insert cubes of foie gras into it tableside, why, yes, they do.

Turn the coaster over.
You’ll find a regulation game of hangman.

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