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Published December 06, 2013

On the Record
Cocktails and Jazz in Greenwich Village

Yesterday marked 80 years since Prohibition’s repeal.

Never. Stop. Celebrating...

Welcome to Analogue, a lo-fi, low-key Greenwich Village imbibing spot with cocktails from an Employees Only vet. It’s open... now.

Step inside, won’t you? Into this dark, sexy land of supple, communal banquettes, candlelight and jazz on vinyl. And plenty of drinking material throughout.

By all means, bring a date. Sail past the bar and the blues and jazz photography (all originals by the man who took the photo of Hendrix worshipping his flaming Stratocaster at Monterey). Grab the far corner of the banquette past the bar. Those bistro tables in front of you: early-20th-century French unpolished marble. Say that. Watch date nod approvingly.

Now order your drink, the Matahari: cognac, chai-infused sweet vermouth, lemon and pomegranate, garnished with dried rosebuds. If, in the course of human events, your date ends up wanting it, too, good. You planned it that way. It’ll be charming. Besides, both of you are then splitting stout-braised rabbit rillettes, so all’s well.

Eventually, live jazz will happen here. For now, settle for jazz and blues from their extensive record collection, played on a vintage ’50s Thorens turntable.

The best kind of settling.
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