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Published November 21, 2011

V for Vinatta
An MPD Haunt with an Alcohol Vending Machine

Extensive family time. It’s coming. Quickly.

So now seems like an appropriate moment to talk about vending machines full of alcohol.

Introducing The Vinatta Project, an uncomplicated MPD spot that sells its stiff drinks the same way a snack machine sells Ruffles, opening Wednesday.

It’ll help if you stroll into this place with the attitude that you’re going to turn it into your own private tasting room. Because essentially, you are. On your right, an entire wall of Enomatic (fancy speak for vending) machines filled with booze. On your left, a zinc-topped bar where you’ll acquire a prepaid key card and a clean glass. Congratulations, you can now order three-ounce pours of Johnnie Walker Blue (or red wine or mezcal or tequila) at the push of a button.

The operative word here is “ease.” You’ll turn to this industrial-looking, late-night retreat when you’ve reached that point in the evening when all you want is a comfortable place to sit (ideally tufted leather), some red snapper mini tacos and the ability to purchase a drink without speaking.

Of course, if you prefer to order your beverages the old-fashioned way, the cocktail program (and entire haunt, actually) comes courtesy of the Mulberry Project crew. So there’s that whole seasonally bespoke thing going on with the libations.

It’s about time gravy made its way into a gimlet.
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