Aria Wine Bar

Aria 51

The West Village’s Newest Wine Bar

French lessons. The puff of a cigar. The hood of a Jaguar in a Whitesnake video.

Most things in life can be improved by the delicate touch of a beautiful woman.

And so, think for a moment what might be possible with the touch of thousands of women on five continents.

Introducing Aria Wine Bar, a new Italian date spot in the West Village with wines from the fruits of the world’s foremost lady vintners (and only lady vintners), opening this weekend.

When you have a wine list exclusively from women, everything changes: somehow the reds seem more sumptuous, the rosés more playful, and the whites—well, they’re more playful too. The end result is a prime opportunity for you to say, “You know, I know this little place where the wine flows like women,” and have it mean something more literal than it usually does.

It’s the kind of bar where a single glass of wine can lead to the kind of night that lasts 48 hours. A Venetian wine bar with dark wood, white tile, a selection of cicchetti (Venetian tapas like mini-meatballs) and a long communal table for... doing the things you do at communal tables.

One last little detail of romance: the bar is double-sided, giving you ample opportunity for face-to-face canoodling.

Yes, we did use the word canoodling.


Aria Wine Bar
117 Perry St
(between Greenwich and Hudson)
New York, NY 10014


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