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Published January 15, 2014

Got It Covered
Finally: An Easy Check-Splitting App

CoverBold prediction: you’ll eat dinner with others at some point between now and the rest of your life...

See, you need this.

It’s Cover, an app that’ll help you perfect the group dinner by splitting the check for you at some of New York’s tastiest eateries. It’s available now for iPhone and will be soon for Android.

Alder, Carbone, ZZ’s Clam Bar, Charlie Bird, Estela. Those are some of the restaurants doing this. “This” being letting you handle the check from your phone (as it should be in 2014).

We’ll paint a picture: you start one of those seven-friend dinner-proposal email threads. Somewhere around the 46th email, you hone in on a date that works for everyone. So you make a reservation at, say, Carbone, and go.

Now let’s assume you’ve already downloaded this app. You’ve entered your name and card information, so you’re golden. When you arrive, tell your waiter everyone is paying with Cover. You’ll all check in and set a tip amount. Now your work is done. The check’s split and paid automatically. So you order. You eat veal and laugh and are merry. And you leave.

And then on to the important business of nightcaps.
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