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You should really see a weekend about that.


Allen Edmonds Made These Shoes for You

For their 90th birthday, the legendary Allen Edmonds designed an exclusive line of fall-worthy shoes—they’re priced well below their norm, and only available on Perks. Also, take 30% off football season’s best beef jerky, and pick up your VIP tickets to the Breeders’ Cup—before it’s too late.
UD - And Now, the Hemingway Cookbook


And Now, the Hemingway Cookbook

Some things in life require no explanation. Like sandwiches. Also, a little something called The Hemingway Cookbook. But just in case, it’s a new codex stacked with over 120 recipes inspired by Hemingway’s characters and his personal life. Might want to find a lion-meat guy.
The Hemingway Cookbook, cook something in Ernest here
UD - New Deck Shoes. Actually Old Deck Shoes.


New Deck Shoes. Actually Old Deck Shoes.

It’s best if you know about these shoes. Partly because they were designed in France and made in Japan and will look fantastic on your feet. But mostly because they’re called Wakouwas. And that’s just fun to say... Wakouwas. Anyway, they’re new canvas deck shoes designed like old-school Sperry Top-Siders. So enjoy those.
Wakouwas, deck your feet out here
UD - If Facebook Were a Science Project


If Facebook Were a Science Project

Just. This is just... okay, we know you like Facebook. And that’s fine. Most people do. But now there’s a Web app that analyzes things like the age, gender, geographic distribution and average post length of your friends. It’s all ridiculously scientific and dead serious. It may even ruin Facebook. Your call, though.
UD - A Chair Made Out of Whiskey Barrels


A Chair Made Out of Whiskey Barrels

Whiskey barrels: great for making whiskey. And apparently, Adirondack chairs. Apparently. Because now there’s a guy in San Diego making them by hand out of white oak sourced from whiskey barrel staves. You should totally consider drinking whiskey while you sit on one of those. That’d be neat.
Whiskey Barrel Adirondack Chairs, take your chair neat here
UD - Some Seinfeldian Things for Your Wall


Some Seinfeldian Things for Your Wall

You’ve seen Seinfeld before. You know, that one show. The one with the Soup Nazi. And Beef-A-Reeno. And a bunch of other randomly quotable food-related scenarios that someone just based an entire series of minimalist art prints around. They’re for your walls. Unless you hate Seinfeld, then never mind.
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