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Five New Swim Trunks Ranked by Inseam

Summer means wearing fewer clothes. But you’ll need to wear something. And turns out, we’ve got five handpicked somethings right here. Swim trunks, specifically. Short ones. Long ones. Unforgivable ones. Herewith: your exhaustive guide to swimwear, power-ranked by inseam. You asked for one of those, right?

UD - Katin USA Tumbleweed Trunk

Katin USA Tumbleweed Trunk

The Inseam: 9.0 inches.
The Look: A cotton/nylon number with cacti and tumbleweeds all over it.
The Situations: Manning the grill at a beach picnic with the family. Commandeering a Palm Springs cabana. Engaging in some sort of Super Soaker combat situation in the desert.

UD - Bather Star Surf Trunk

Bather Star Surf Trunk

The Inseam: 6.5 inches.
The Look: Quick-dry navy trunks with a discreet star print.
The Situations: Fourth of July parties. Night swimming. If the top-left portion of your American flag somehow goes missing and you need a patch.

UD - Onia Chili Paisley Calder Trunk

Onia Chili Paisley Calder Trunk

The Inseam: 5.0 inches.
The Look: It’s essentially half swim trunk and half chino with a reddish paisley pattern.
The Situations: Drinking gin and tonics. Creepily going, “Like those quads?” Getting 25% off from our friends at Perks. (Figured you wouldn’t mind if we snuck that last one in there.)

Onia Chili Paisley Calder Trunk, 25% off when you get this Perk

UD - Ami x Robinson Les Bains Trunk

Ami x Robinson Les Bains Trunk

The Inseam: 2.75 inches.
The Look: Robinson Les Bains collaborated with Ami to produce this limited-edition jungle print. So it’s jungle-y. It’s a short, tight jungle on your legs.
The Situations: On an awkward safari. At some sort of Tarzan and Jane luncheon. Moonlighting as a stand-in for a tropical plant.

UD - Pantone Swim Brief

Pantone Swim Brief

The Inseam: 0.0 inches.
The Look: Some red microfiber fabric. But mostly your thighs.
The Situations: Peacocking around on a beach in Cannes. Not peacocking around on a beach in Cannes and saying you did.

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