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Hoffice Depot
A Very David Hasselhoff Auction

Baywatch lifeguard. Talking-car enthusiast. Drunken eater of cheeseburgers. There are so many reasons to appreciate Mr. David Michael Hasselhoff. Especially now that some of his finest personal memorabilia is currently up for auction as part of The Collection of David Hasselhoff via Julien’s. Paddles up, people. This is your special moment.

UD - If KITT Were a Golf Cart

LOT #393

If KITT Were a Golf Cart

What It Is: A jet-black electric golf cart closely resembling KITT from Knight Rider. It has an original 1980s sound system, a built-in cooler and a firm zero-bogey tolerance.
How You’ll Use It: To stealthily patrol the links for stray golf balls and cavernous divots and crime.
David Hasselhoff’s Knight Rider Golf Cart, place your bid here
UD - Fourteen Feet of Pure Hasselhoff

LOT #450

Fourteen Feet of Pure Hasselhoff

What It Is: A 167-inch-long model of the Hoff in a horizontal swimming pose wearing his finest red lifeguard trunks. Creepy: yes. Magnificent: God yes.
How You’ll Use It: To preside over your pool party, if you hate your guests. Perhaps as a hood ornament. Pool cue?
David Hasselhoff Oversized Lifeguard Figure, place your bid here
UD - The Hoff’s “Hooked on a Feeling” Jacket

LOT #433

The Hoff’s “Hooked on a Feeling” Jacket

What It Is: The very same pinstriped, shawl-collar Bon Choix Couture jacket worn in the music video for Mr. Hasselhoff’s 1999 cover of “Hooked on a Feeling.” It’s really... something.
How You’ll Use It: Karaoke nights. Halloween. Pretty much anytime that doesn’t call for a serious jacket.
David Hasselhoff’s Bon Choix Couture Jacket, place your bid here
UD - Thanks for the Library Globe, David

LOT #427

Thanks for the Library Globe, David

What It Is: A 16-inch-diameter globe on a three-legged iron stand, formerly found in the sultry confines of David Hasselhoff’s personal library.
How You’ll Use It: To find the Tropic of Capricorn whenever you want. Or to be able to say things like “The singer of ‘Night Rocker’ sold this to me.”
David Hasselhoff’s Library Globe, place your bid here
UD - This Pretend-Saved Lives on Baywatch

LOT #445

This Pretend-Saved Lives on Baywatch

What It Is: A life buoy from Baywatch with the word “Hoff” spray-painted on it, accompanied by two rescue cans.
How You’ll Use It: For the life buoy: to add color to your pool house. For the rescue cans: well... certainly not to make any Pam Anderson jokes.
David Hasselhoff’s Ring Buoy and Rescue Cans, place your bid here
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