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Kate Is Enough
The Best of the Kate Moss Auction

There’s no such thing as too much Kate Moss. Which works out nicely, because there is such a thing as the Kate Moss from the Collection of Gert Elfering auction happening now at Christie’s. Yes, an entire auction devoted to Kate Moss. We assume you’ll be looking to purchase something...

UD - <em>Body Armour</em>, 2013

LOT #34

Body Armour, 2013

What It Is: A near-life-size portrait of Ms. Moss encased in what appears to be a skintight suit of armor. Also, it appears the A/C was left on.
Where Youll Display It: Right by the front door. Hell, maybe on the front door.
UD - <em>Kate & Leah, For Love</em>, February 2011

LOT #29

Kate & Leah, For Love, February 2011

What It Is: A black-and-white photo of a leather-clad Kate giving a scantily clad friend a kiss hello. From the looks of things, they’re probably very close.
Where You’ll Display It: The obvious answer is your bedroom. But the correct answer is anywhere with a wall.
UD - <em>Kate Moss, For Paris Vogue</em>, April 2008

LOT #33

Kate Moss, For Paris Vogue, April 2008

What It Is: A colorful image of Kate Moss sitting the rightest wrong way on a motorcycle.
Where You’ll Display It: Your garage. Right next to the Pirelli pinup and a bunch of wrenches or something.
UD - <em/>Kate</em>, 2007

LOT #31

Kate, 2007

What It Is: An enormous woven tapestry of Kate Moss’s face.
Where Youll Display It: In the den. Or, you know, wrapped around your shoulders on a chilly autumn night.
UD - Frozen Kate Head, 2000

LOT #22

Frozen Kate Head, 2000

What It Is: Somebody made an ice sculpture of a bald Kate Moss once. And then, later, somebody photographed that ice sculpture. This is that photograph.
Where Youll Display It: By your dining room table. Apparently, this thing starts conversations.
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