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Published February 16, 2010

Fail Safe
What Everyone Really Thinks of You

UD - Failin.gsSuccess is a fickle beast.

It can bring great fortune, sure. But it can also bring a team of hangers-on, sycophants, and brilliantly accurate and seemingly objective yes-men. Which, for the most part, is just what you need.

But sometimes you need honest, unvarnished advice, and there's only one place to turn.

We speak, of course, of that fabled truth-teller called the Internet.

Welcome to Failin.gs, a dangerous new website where your friends can post what they really think of you, all with a cloak of total anonymity, in beta now.

In short, it's the ideal spot for a no-holds-barred conversation about...long-festering feelings regarding your co-workers, friends and sworn archenemies. If you're eager to face your critics (and really, you've got nothing to fear), you can sign up for a profile. Then you'll send it to your friends (and/or frienemies) via Twitter, Facebook or email. They'll be able to leave a tweet-length comment that's meant to inspire improvement ("Your remarkable rainmaking skills are embarrassing the rest of us at the firm"), all without revealing their identities. If you disagree, you can say so with a vote; if your friends insist, they can also say so with a vote. (Basically, it's like high school all over again.)

But because you can also invite others, the real value is in persuading a friend to join up, so you can finally get something off your chest.

"No one's bought that comb-over since 2002."
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