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Once weekend, twice shy.


UD - The Marlins Want to Go Bowling

The Marlins Want to Go Bowling

Next week: spring training begins. So tonight, the Marlins are getting in a little warm-up... at a bowling alley. It’s a charity event at Lucky Strike. You should swing by, roll a few frames. There’ll be an open bar. And probably a Giancarlo Stanton.


UD - Models Playing Beach Volleyball

Models Playing Beach Volleyball

The Super Bowl is over. Good, now we can focus on important sporting events. Like the Model Beach Volleyball Tournament on 8th and Ocean this weekend. Expect bikinis. Don’t expect blackouts.

UD - An ’80s Rap Legend DJs at Rec Room

An ’80s Rap Legend DJs at Rec Room

So this Saturday, hip-hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash is taking over the 1s and 2s at Rec Room for the night. He’ll be spinning. You’ll be popping. And locking. And probably attracting a lot of attention.


UD - Here You Go: Nonstop Bacon Guac

Here You Go: Nonstop Bacon Guac

Toro Toro, the new Latin steakhouse in the InterContinental, is launching Sunday brunch. What that means for you: all-you-can-eat bacon guacamole, chilaquiles and short rib arepas. Also: an endless supply of pisco and margaritas to wash it down with. Guess we won’t be seeing you Monday.


UD - A Boat Show Pre-Party... with Boats

A Boat Show Pre-Party... with Boats

It’s not every Tuesday that you have rum cocktails aboard a bunch of yachts on the bay. But that’s exactly what’s happening at the Mar Azul boat show pre-party. You’ll hobnob with yachting types, tour the docked fleet and snack on Asian tapas from Machiya. Life jacket not required.

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