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Published February 22, 2012

Executive Order
A Presidential Lounge at the Delano


Stand-up guy.

Fought the Depression. Battled Hitler. Repealed a little thing called “Prohibition.”

You know, the kind of guy you’d share a dram with at an establishment that dignifies such respectable endeavors.

Well, as it just so happens...

Say hello to FDR Lounge, a subterranean cocktail spot in the Delano, ready to host your DJ-enhanced late-night whiskey runs starting Monday.

So about the name: word has it that the 32nd president himself liked to come to the hotel with his mistress. And not to give you any ideas, but, well... there’s a drink named in her honor—the vodka-laced Lucy.

The joint itself looks suitable for an executive romp: stately wood floors, velvety banquettes, a gilded bar. (Basically, a replica of your Presidents’ Day party.)

You’ll swing by with a date after 11pm. Grab a spot in one of the brown-leather alcoves near the DJ booth and order up their signature FDR (rum, lime, brown sugar). Your entertainment: of the DJ variety, though we have it on good word that Mos Def will be performing for Monday’s opening festivities.

FDR loved that guy.
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