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Published March 13, 2013

Digs Newton
Casa de Shenandoah, by the Numbers

Wayne Newton’s massive equestrian estate, Casa de Shenandoah, is going up for auction on May 31. Sure, there are some slight complications and a legal battle involved with it, but this is the kind of investment opportunity that only comes along... well, never. So here’s a statistical look at your next piece of celebrity real estate.

Bankruptcy chapter you can thank for this opportunity: 11
Estate’s estimated value: $50.8 million
Acres of pastures, penguin sanctuaries and house you’ll be in charge of: 40
Years they tried converting it all into a Newton-themed amusement park: 3
Acres you’ll eventually dedicate to a you-themed amusement park: at least 10
Custom-built private jet hangars: 1
Regal stallion statues you’ll have at your gate: 2
Majestic fountains in your backyard lake: 3
Months before you get used to referring to your home as “a compound”: 4
Guest homes on the property: 6
Number of those Newton is still legally leasing and threatening to stay in: 3
Odds you’ll still be sharing stables and awkward poolside exchanges with Wayne come April 1: 3:1
Odds he’ll agree to participate in your estate-wide reenactment of the Ferris Bueller parade scene: 100:1
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