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Published January 09, 2013

Drew the Right Thing
Shirts and Champagne on Melrose

It’s nice that relatives gifted you clothes over the holidays.

Really, it is.

But lime green: not your color. XXXXL: not your size. And bedazzled bootcut jeans: not your... anything.

Next time, give them some specific direction. Like: “Come here. Get whatever.”

Introducing Carlton Drew—it’s an airily preppy, East Coast-y new men’s shop full of cohesive casualness, and it’s now open on Melrose.

This is the kind of simple, unadorned spot—concrete floor, bright and high white walls—where you could walk in blindfolded, fill your arms up with whatever you run into, put it on and... you wouldn’t look crazy. (Assuming you didn’t actually do this.)

Think: Gant button-downs. Dark, classic Raleigh Denim jeans. Lean gray ties from Read Wall—this is the only spot in LA where you’ll find those. Maybe a Wincer & Plant wallet and something with an anchor on it. Anchors are fun.

Throw it all together and you’ll instantly be channeling ’80s Andrew McCarthy, sitting around with great hair on a boat somewhere. Even if you’re just on a movie date or something.

And as for when to do your shopping—we’d suggest Friday afternoon, between 4 and 7pm. Any Friday will do. You see, that’s happy hour at this place. Which means you can help yourself to wine or champagne while you browse.

You always know the best happy hours for pants.
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