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Published October 09, 2012

Get Your Kicks
RIP, Winstons. Hello, Sixty-Six...

The year was 1966.

Caesars Palace opens in Vegas. The Beatles start recording Sgt. Pepper’s. A random dog named Pickles somehow finds the stolen World Cup trophy. (Look it up.)

In short, it’s the glorious year you’re toasting on Thursday night. And many nights to follow.

The reason: Sixty-Six, a shiny ode to Rat Pack–era drinking from the esteemed owners of the Dime, Crown Bar and the dearly departed Winstons, opening Thursday in that old Winstons space.

If Sinatra and the boys were meeting up with Kubrick for a bottle of vodka that would magically become martinis, this is where they would book a table and get weird with Happy Endings extras: a low-lit lounge filled with gleaming circles, retro futurism and the radiant joy that can only be experienced by those with a SAG card. And those who appreciate those things.

Yes, there’s a DJ booth right in the middle of the place. Yes, you should probably know at least one Huvane if you plan on getting a table and blowing your paycheck. And yes, the designer of this place has done videos for Lady Gaga.

Don’t let that affect your dress code.
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