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Good Times...
The Most Dubious Moments of 2011

Day-to-day life in Los Angeles sometimes gets a little... eyebrow-raising. From Carmageddon dinner parties on the freeway to some infamous naked photos, here’s a look back at the most dubious moments of 2011.


A Carmageddon Photo Op

Early last summer, there was a single word striking fear into the heart of every Angeleno. That word was “Carmageddon.” Then it all went pretty well, and these people had dinner on the 405. The place has been packed ever since.


Finally, a Reality Show About the DMV

August brought news that Ashton Kutcher had maybe his most forward-thinking idea yet: turning some cameras on those universally sunny personalities at the California DMV. We anxiously await the spinoff show, The Real Meter Maids of Hollywood.


A Script Submission Goes Awry

Fade in: desperate screenwriter leaves unsolicited script for agent in a briefcase. Somebody notices random briefcase and calls the police. Bomb squad rushes in with helicopters and a robot to detonate briefcase in streets of Beverly Hills. Script pages fly everywhere. Everyone cracks up. Freeze frame.


SoCal Woman Gets Implants. At 83.

Woman in Southern California getting breast implants: not exactly earth-shattering. Of course, if she’s 83 years old, then she gets on the local news. She didn’t have any complications, and three weeks later she was showing off her new body in Maui. They say you’re only 83 once...


The President Comes to Roscoe’s

Around dinnertime at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, a bunch of people were eating chicken. And waffles. Suddenly, Barack Obama walked in to order a few Country Boy combos. He just needed a little appetizer before his $35,800-a-plate benefit dinner with Will Smith and Hilary Duff in Hancock Park.


Lindsay’s Playboy Pics Hit the Web

Well before Lindsay Lohan’s nude Playboy shoot channeling Marilyn Monroe was due to hit newsstands, the unprecedented happened—the pics got leaked to the Web first. Thankfully, Hugh Hefner announced he’d rush the issue out early, to ensure the people could quickly... read that month’s article on the cars of the year.

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