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Published December 07, 2009

That Scene With the Girl and the Thing...

UD - Movieclips
It's raining out, and you're slow coming around this week—sounds like someone's got a case of the Mondays.

Or was it Tuesdays? Thursdays? And what movie is that from, anyway? Here to solve all your movie-quote conundrums is a shiny new website called Movieclips, now in beta.

Think of it like a video archive of most every scene you've ever discussed at a bar. Type "case of the Mondays" into the search box and you'll get the Office Space clip to make you feel better, or "tied the room together" and it's showtime for The Big Lebowski.

It's all legal—the proprietors cut deals with the studios to get you more than 12,000 clips, so they won't disappear tomorrow…nor will you end up in the hoosegow just for needing a quick fix of Jeff Bridges discussing rugs.

You can also search through impressively exhaustive lists of settings and props—so if all you remember is something about a pie and it's driving you insane, American Pie comes right up. But that's not what you were thinking of—oh right, Killer Klowns From Outer Space. That's it.

And if you just can't get a wine goblet out of your head, you're probably thinking of the poisoned-cup showdown in The Princess Bride.

Or maybe just last night.
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