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Published August 29, 2011

Roof Positive
Pork and Cocktails over Wilshire Boulevard

Elevators are so underappreciated.

They go up. They go down. They consistently add dramatic tension to television procedurals.

And occasionally they deliver you to a stunning rooftop oasis of pork, mussels and whiskey...

Introducing The Roof on Wilshire, a new alfresco rooftop restaurant and lounge built to furnish you with all the meat and cocktails you can put down under a Wilshire sunset, officially soft-opening Thursday.

Take the elevator all the way up through the Hotel Wilshire, now residing a block from LACMA, and you’ll find it—a vast, leisurely outdoor retreat that reveals itself to you in stages. Tables looking over a glittering pool. Cozy lounge furniture tucked around a sunken fire pit. In the distance, an indoor bar area that’s only indoors if they decide to leave all the walls on that day. Oh, and some pretty incredible Miracle Mile views.

So this is the spot for your next power dinner of Absinthe-Steamed Mussels and BBQ Pork Steam Buns (maybe with LACMA head Michael Govan and a few frisky museum workers), or a boozy brunch that includes Foundry chef Eric Greenspan’s famous Pancake Lasagna. (Yes, he built the menu here.)

And if your Friday’s wrapping up and you’re just thirsty for a sunset and some Horseshoes (rye whiskey, Pimm’s, sweet vermouth and lemonade), this is the place to loosen your tie and get to know your neighbors.

With any luck, they’ll be in bikinis.
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