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Published March 25, 2012

Panama Shack
Panama’s Sexiest New Hotel

Panama City.

Fantastic canal.

If you’ve got a long weekend coming up, we suggest seeing it.

Or better yet: salsa-dancing all over it.

Introducing Tántalo Hotel, a sexy new boutique with suites that look like art museum wings and a rooftop dance floor harvested from everyone’s favorite waterway, taking reservations now.

Think of this place as Central America’s answer to the Ace Hotel. A spot where you and a well-bronzed travel companion can sample the local culture (seco cocktails in the lobby, hand-rolled cigars on your private balcony) while bedding down in a room decorated by one of Panama’s rising muralists/sculptors/impressionist finger-painters. Also helpful in sampling the culture: complimentary deep tissue massages. They’ll come with your suite.

Once night falls here, you’ll follow the sound of steel drums past an atrium wall covered with 983 different plant species and up a stairwell tagged with all sorts of graffiti. At the top: the neighborhood’s lone rooftop lounge. They keep it open till 3am. They also floored the entire place with wood from the Panama Canal. So dance on it. Drink on it. And when you’ve had enough/need someplace quiet to discuss the large purchase of an impressionist finger-painting, retreat back to that atrium and huddle around one of the tables made from repurposed suitcases.

Not yours, hopefully.
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