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Published September 05, 2012

Board Certified
A Bar Stocked with Board Games

Beer. It’s typically all the bar entertainment you need.

Sure, on Sunday you’ll also take a well-positioned TV showing the ’Skins. But otherwise, a drink, a coaster, maybe a burger, and you’re good.

Unless, of course, this happens to be one of those bars that carries Yahtzee.

Presenting The Board Room, a two-level homage to vintage board games and not-so-vintage beer, scheduled to open this weekend just north of Dupont Circle, permits pending.

Colonel Mustard. If he were real, lived locally and weren’t suspected of murdering Mr. Boddy with a wrench in the study, he’d love this place. Also, he’s painted on the wall of this place next to a bunch of framed antique games like Life and Charlie’s Angels.

First stop, as always: the bar. This one has a mural of the Monopoly man behind it... and more importantly, 21 different taps. Grab a pint, put something on the old-school jukebox and take your remaining quarters over to one of the arcade cabinets (think Frogger and Galaga). Or retreat to one of the front-window tables inlaid with backgammon boards. And figure out how to play backgammon.

Now, there’ll always be a regular stack of board games available at the bar, but if you want access to something from their 200-plus private stock (like Lite-Brite or an Erector Set), you’ll have to call in advance.

Which should give you time to invent a Lite-Brite drinking game.
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