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Published January 03, 2012

Green Day
Houndstooth Walls, Foxes and 60 Irish Whiskeys

Well, last week was fun. But now it’s all come crashing down amid freezing temperatures and—uh-oh—regular work schedules.

But don’t despair just yet—it’s nothing that three levels of fireplaces, stuffed foxes and rare Irish whiskeys can’t cure.

So say hello to the rather straightforwardly named Irish Whiskey Public House, opening Friday to help you ditch your New Year’s resolution before it ever gets off the ground.

This spot might have you fancying yourself a character in a Joyce novel: green-stained bars, whiskey barrels embedded in brick walls, taxidermy imported from Ireland.

You’ll arrive here with a companion or two (redheads, ideally) and take a seat, maybe under bare lights fashioned from old pulleys, maybe under a houndstooth-print ceiling. There, you can discuss your favorite Pogues records while tucking into corned beef and cabbage spring rolls, beef and Guinness shepherd’s pie and a beer list that goes 94 deep.

But you won’t be getting away without sampling the bar’s namesake beverage, and the best place for that is in the third-floor Dublin Room, with its plaid couches, Irish antiques and display of Chris Cooley’s pottery (no, we didn’t make that up). Your choices run 60 strong, including some rare ones that go for three digits.

And they’re served over ice made from an Ireland-born machine that turns out big cubes that are perfectly square, with small dimples on the top.

Also: they keep your whiskey cold.
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