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Published November 16, 2012

Tale of the Tape
Breaking Down the City’s Two New Ice Rinks

For a good many months now, the only ice your dates have seen has been in your glass. But here comes much more. Giant sheets of it. Zambonis, too. That’s because The Ice Rink at Canal Park debuts today, followed by the Washington Harbour Ice Rink on Monday. Here’s what you need to know.

Canal Park: One end of a brand-new green space by Nationals Park. Just look for the giant white “light cube,” on which they’ll project movies and live feeds of skaters.
Washington Harbour: Right on top of the giant fountain.
Edge: The Harbour, because you can take a skate break during holiday shopping.

The Ice
Canal Park: A 250-foot-long figure eight.
Washington Harbour: A 12,000-square-foot oval.
Edge: Canal Park, despite any collision-related dangers the figure eight might cause (or perhaps because of them).

Canal Park: The Park Tavern, a new tap-beer-and-flatbreads spot in a Scandinavian-looking building steps from the ice. (They’ll pop up this weekend, then return next month.)
Washington Harbour: The new Farmers Fishers Bakers is opening a bar behind a rollaway window for all your hot cocoa and warm cocktail needs.
Edge: Push.

Canal Park: A full slate of lessons and rock-and-roll skate nights.
Washington Harbour: Ditto. Plus, on November 21, you can try “turkey bowling”—basically, sliding actual frozen birds across the ice at giant pins.
Edge: The Harbour. Because you’ve always wanted to curl with fowl.
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