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Published January 04, 2013

Big Fish
Two Floors of Sake and Sushi on H Street

This just in: it’s sushi time. No, not because it’s 2013 or because you’ve newly devoted yourself to clean living or anything like that.

Because there’s a new sushi bar on H Street to check out.

Introducing Hikari Sushi & Sake Bar, a just-opened, two-level haven of raw fish and clear liquors.

This is a tranquil, Zen-like spot you’ll roll into for your next date—amid the clean lines and brick walls, you’ll find red lanterns, a marble turtle, samurai swords and a big flat-screen or two (playoff football is so Zen).

But about that date: that’s when you’ll want to head upstairs for a cozy booth or maybe a place at the sushi bar itself (just look for the big wooden boat atop it). And naturally, you’ll have your sights set on a rainbow assortment of fresh sashimi. Just don’t neglect the hot small plates like crunchy coconut shrimp with wasabi cream.

Downstairs is where you’ll find the main bar, and it’s where you’ll find yourself after a particularly successful evening on the other end of H Street. And you’ll have 30 sakes, Japanese whiskey and New York strip beef tataki waiting.

Next up: an enclosed, blond-wood back patio that they hope to have heated ASAP.

If that fails, there’s always March.
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