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Published October 08, 2012

Get Mad
Maddy’s Taproom, by the Numbers

This just in: Prohibition is over. Has been for 80 years or so. And yet, there are some people who are still sore about it. Like the folks behind Maddy’s Taproom, downtown’s new hideout of beer and Texican food, open as of... now. Here’s a quick numerical breakdown.

1933: Year it feels like in here.

4,200: Approximate distance, in miles, traveled by the German pine that panels the interior.

0.9: Distance, in miles, to 922 Pennsylvania Avenue, where one of the featured black-and-white photos of bootleggers was taken.

2: Photos featuring protesters holding “We Want Beer” signs.

40: Tap beers that those thirsty gentlemen would be able to have here.

30: Whiskeys they could have after their beer.

2: Individual drinks that comprise the Dos Ritas, a giant frozen margarita with a bottle of Dos Equis upended in it.

4: Menu items that explicitly feature liquor or beer.

1: Number of those that explicitly use the word “drunken,” namely the Drunken Chicken Taquitos with guajillo/beer sauce.

2: Discount, in dollars, on the beers at happy hour.

4: Hour (pm) at which happy hour starts. You’re already late.
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